Horse Shampoo – Does Mane ‘N Tail make your hair grow faster?


What’s the deal with Horse Shampoo?

I quite literally started laughing when my friend told me she was using horse shampoo to make her hair grow faster. Shampoo designed for horses?! I knew she had to be kidding. But low and behold, a few months after our conversation, her hair was significantly longer. Weird, right?

Being a product junkie myself, I did some research.

The brand of horse shampoo everyone’s been talking about is called Mane ’n Tail (buy it here). When I first went to the Mane n’ Tail website, I was initially a bit thrown off. Upon arrival, it asked me to select whether I was using the products for “personal” or for “animal care.” I scanned over the picture of a well-groomed horse and selected the picture of a bored-looking girl with very long hair and the words “personal care” plastered across her picture. I chuckled to myself that the website even had to ask.

Mane’n Tail history

According to the Q&A portion of Mane’n Tail’s website, its products were originally developed for horses. Horse owners reported seeing “significant improvement in the health and appearance of their horses’ manes and tails.” The improvement in their animals’ hair prompted horse owners to try the shampoo out on themselves (which wouldn’t have been my first inclination, but hell, why not!?) The animal owners supposedly had the same results.

Still, I was skeptical.

After looking at the Mane’n Tail website, I did a bit more research into the success of the product from outsiders’ perspective.

Can horse shampoo really make my hair grow any faster than it already does?

The answer is no. Nothing you put on your head can increase hair growth (06/01/2011 post update: Latisse has since been clinically proven to increase hair growth for eyelashes and eyebrows). However, Mane N’ Tail does give us Long Hair Hopefuls a few good reasons to buy it.

First of all, those of us trying to grow out our hair need a shampoo that moisturizes and helps to prevent breakage. Mane N’ Tail does just that. It also comes without the sticky and unhealthy residue that many other shampoos leave behind. All Mane’n Tail leaves behind is clean, healthy hair. And best of all, it’s CHEAP.

So, I obviously had to purchase a bottle of Mane’n Tail to try on myself. Just so that I could write a fair and accurate review, I used up the entire bottle before commenting. As promised, the shampoo cleaned my hair without leaving it dry and brittle. It didn’t smell bad, and it didn’t turn my hair blue (as I’d heard a rumor it would).

However, my hair didn’t start shooting out of my head. It grew at a fairly normal rate (as far as I could tell).

Would I buy Mane N’ Tail again? Sure, why not. But mostly because it’s inexpensive, good quality shampoo. Not because of any magical growth properties it has in it.

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