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No offense to this gorgeous city that I go to college in (Eugene, Oregon), but it’s not a great place to get beauty treatments done. I think that most University of Oregon ladies can attest to the fact that practically every salon here overcharges and does a crumby job.

But after four years of college, I’ve finally discovered a few places worth going in Eugene. As I’m about to graduate and depart from this fine city, I want to leave those of you who plan on sticking around with a short list of local beauty recommendations.

For Nails:
City Nails and Spa
440 Coburg Road, Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 636-4432

Takes walk-ins and appointments.

Highlights – City Nails and Spa:
+Does a fantastic French manicure for, I believe, $17. I got my nails done four days ago and I’m yet to see a single chip. Everyone keeps asking me if they’re real. Yes, my nails are 100% natural. This salon just did such a great job that they look acrylics.
+Clean facility.
+Friendly staff. You can tell that all the employees actually enjoy working there, which I think is pretty cool.

Image: My four-day-old manicure from City Nails and Spa:

For Waxing:
Hair Masters
609 E 13th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 484-3143

Call ahead and MAKE SURE you ask for Norene! (She doesn’t work Wednesdays.)

Highlights – Hair Masters:
+Cheap waxing! Eyebrow waxes are around $10 and Brazilians are around $50.
+Norene is the best thing about this place. She’s a total sweetheart and does a great job. Over the years that I’ve been seeing her, she’s become more than my waxer, she’s my friend. And she’s the only person I trust to do my waxing at Hair Masters.

For Tanning:
Alright, I’ll admit it – I tan every so often. But I’m really, really trying to stop completely! As I’m sure you all know, it’s absolutely horrible for you. But if I’m going to go tanning, I make sure I go to a place that has high quality beds so that I can go for less time and absorb fewer harmful rays. Sunsational Tanning is the best place I’ve found in Eugene.

Sunsational Tanning
450 Coburg Road
Eugene, Oregon 97401
(541) 338-8267

Takes walk-ins and appointments, but it gets busy so you probably want to call ahead.

Highlights – Sunsational Tanning:
+The stand-up bed! You’re guaranteed to get color, but I’ve never gotten burnt from it.
+ When you buy a tan or a package, you’re really buying minutes. So, if you’re pale like me, you can get two tans out of a 12-minute single stand-up bed purchase.
+Attractive and clean facility.
+Walking distance from City Nails and Spa (and Chipotle! ?)

For Spray Tanning:
A MUCH healthier way to get a summer glow!

Color of Beauty Tanning Salon
36 East 17th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97401
(541) 686-8846

Call ahead to make an appointment!

Highlights – Color of Beauty:
+The Versa Spa treatment at Color of Beauty gives an incredibly natural, non-streaky, non-orange glow. I’ve been getting spray tans for years (since my sophomore year of high school) and the Versa Spa is by far my favorite.
+It has a hilariously cheesy picture to promote it on the website! I just have to post this:
+Color of Beauty is doing a Versa Spa package for the month of May! Get a free spray tan with the purchase of any spray tan package. Ask about this deal at the register.

For Hair:
I’ve gotten my hair done at a million different places in Eugene. Sadly, I don’t recommend any of them. Take a day trip out of Eugene and go to Magnum Opus in Portland if you want someone to do a good job on your hair.

I hope this guide to beauty treatments in Eugene, Oregon was helpful! Please, feel free to leave comments letting myself my readers know of other salons that you recommend in the city.
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