5 easy hairstyles for medium, long, wavy, curly or straight hair


Hair Stylist Caitlyn Miller made a point that really hit home in her guest post the other day – it’s way too easy to get in the routine of doing your hair the same way every day. This pretty much sums up my own look – same old, same old. And boring!

Inspired by Caitlyn’s post, I took it upon myself to find some new styles that were simple enough that even someone like me could recreate them (I’m really, really bad at styling my own hair). I tried out a bunch of styles but in the end I found five that I’m really excited to wear.

These hairstyles are not only super easy, they’re also super quick! Every single one of them can be done in less than ten minutes (most of them in two minutes or less). I’m guessing that’s less time than you spend on your hair right now, which really gives you no excuse not to experiment with something new!

1) Barely-There Waves:

First, mist your dry hair with water. Then pull your hair up into a loose bun centered on the crown of your head (it doesn’t have to look nice). Next, blow-dry your bun in place for a few minutes to set the waves.

When you unravel your hair, it will have a soft wave to it. Follow with a defrizz cream and texture cream to smooth out your tresses. This hairstyle is actually a good base for all the other hairstyles I talk about in this post.

Inspiration for the look above came from Ashley Green’s flawless waves

2) Perfect Messy Bun:

In college, a messy bun was the go-to hair style for most girls going to class because it took a mere five seconds. This is a take on the classic messy bun, but it ensures that all parts of the bun look the way you want them to – so that it can be worn out in public and not just with your sweat pants to the lecture hall.

Take your dry hair and brush it with your fingers. Pull it up into a pony tail on the crown of your head (mine is a little lower in this picture – but the putting it on your crown will make it look more elegant and purposeful). Then, mess the pony tail up a bit. Take individual pieces of hair from the tail and twist them, pinning them around the base of the pony tail in an uneven manner. Don’t be afraid to let pieces of hair stick out from the bun – that’s part of what makes it “messy.” Top it off with a little hairspray.

3) Triple Knots:

This is such an easy, but elegant updo! Brush your hair back and pull it into three pony tails in the back of your head, at the base of your neck. Secure with pony tail holders. Spray your hair with hairspray. Let it dry and then mess the pony tails up so they look a little undone. Twist the pony tails into three messy ballerina buns. Pin the buns to keep them in place. If the buns are awkwardly far apart (mine were at first), use bobby pins to pin them closer together.

Inspiration for the look above came from Real Simple magazine

4) Super Messy Side Braid:

We all know how to braid, right? I’m going to assume that’s a yes.

This style actually looks best on hair longer than mine, but it still works here. After your hair is wavy and textured (see hairstyle number one), comb through it with your fingers and gather it on one side of your head. Braid it to the side and ignore the fact that some of your hair is falling out of the braid on both sides (if it’s not falling out, pull it out – that’s part of the look). Secure the braid with a hair tie (preferably a small one – smaller than the one I used here). Use a curling iron or curling flat iron to make the pieces that fell out of the braid a little more wavy. Top it off with a little hairspray and you’re good to go.

Inspiration for the above look came from Alexander Wang’s fashion models

5) Banded Updo:

After your hair is wavy and textured (see hair style number 1), wrap a headband with an elastic band around your head like a crown so that the pretty part of the headband is across your forehead. Make sure to also leave two inch-thick pieces hanging out in the front so that the style looks “undone.”

Gather your hair back in a very loose, low pony tail. Secure a pony tail holder down at the bottom of your tail. Only an inch or two of your hair should be hanging at the bottom of of the pony tail holder.

Carefully roll your pony tail up the back of your neck and hook it into the back of your headband. Then top if off with a little hairspray and you’re done!

Inspiration for the look above came from Bumble and Bumble’s YouTube channel.

Do you have any hairstyling tips for me and my readers? Is there an easy hairstyle that you want to tell us about? Leave a comment to let us know!

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