Latisse review and Latisse before and after pictures

I just found this draft of a post that I took photographs for almost two years ago. I don’t know how I managed to forget to post it, but somehow I did. Anyway, as you might have known from my early blog posts (or talking to me), I tried Latisse in college for about nine months when it first hit the market.

Latisse is supposed to make your eyelashes grow, and I can say with complete and total honesty that it works. Actually, Latisse works really, really well. These photos just don’t do it justice.

Latisse side effects…

You may be wondering why I stopped using Latisse if it works so well. Well, in addition to making my eyelashes grow, it also made my eyelids turn purple-ish red, and itch. I never had itchy eyes before I started using Latisse.

I loved having long lashes, but it wasn’t worth the high price tag (over $100 a bottle!) and permanently (yes – over a year later I still wear concealer on my eyelids) irritated eyes.

Side note: Latisse also can permanently darken the color of your iris’ when you use it. This wasn’t an issue for me because I have such dark brown eyes already, but if I’d had blue eyes I would have been pretty pissed!

So I stopped using Latisse and didn’t use any eye lash growing products for about a year.

My newest eyelash adventure…

But recently, I’ve actually started using LiLash, a Latisse competitor, which is ironic because I wrote this review bashing Lilash when I first started my blog.

LiLash is similarly priced to Latisse, but you don’t need a prescription to buy it. It also last closer to a year, whereas one bottle of Latisse is supposed to last about a month (if I remember right). So, there’s more bang for your buck with LiLash.

I’m still not entirely sure how LiLash works, but somehow it does and I have long eyelashes again. And they’re not irritated, which is awesome. I’ve only been using it for a month and I’ve already seen significant results. So between the two products, I would recommend LiLash. I probably won’t do a full review of this product because I’ve taken my blog in a different direction than it started (I used to do a ton of beauty product reviews). But I do recommend it. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any before and after pictures of my lashes while using LiLash.

Have you used Latisse, Lilash or something else? How about one of the drugstore versions of these products? How did they work for you? Did you experience any side effects?

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19 thoughts on “Latisse review and Latisse before and after pictures

  1. First off, let me say I LOVE your site. I don't know how I came across it but I your style and beauty reviews. I also love how you post about pieces and products that are affordable. Not all of us can put down $500+ on shoes or $50+ on one single beauty product. So thank you and great job on it!

    I've been debating over trying Latisse since it came out but I've heard the same things about irritated eye lids and darkening the iris. I already have really sensitive eyes and they are light blue, so needless to say, both possible side affects pose a huge doubt for me in trying it. Now that I've read this I really want to look into trying LiLash now. Even though you didn't have the same irritation with LiLash as you did with Latisse did you have any irritation at all? Like watery eyes? Also, is it easy to apply? Those are the only things I was wondering before trying it myself.

    Look forward to more posts!

  2. Hi Katie! Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm glad you're enjoying my site. I think it's important to write about products and clothes that are affordable for the average woman, because not everyone can reasonably own an entire wardrobe of designer clothes (in my dreams!)

    In answer to your question, it's honestly a little difficult for me to tell if LiLash has been irritating at all because my eyes are STILL a little irritated from Latisse. But as far as I can tell, I haven't encountered any additional irritation from LiLash. But like I said, it's a little hard to tell.

    And yes, it's really easy to apply. With Latisse you had to go through a whole bunch of brushes because they instruct you to use a new one for every application. With LiLash, you apply it like liquid eyeliner – but clear liquid eyeliner so you don't have to stress too much about precision.

    If you're worried about irritation, here are a few tips for avoiding it:

    1) ONLY apply LiLash one time a day (or even every other day). Applying more often will not make your lashes grow faster, it'll just irritate your skin.

    2) Wipe the extra solution off the brush onto the inside of the applicator (as you would if your mascara brush came out clumpy). You only need a tiny bit of the solution because it's very potent. This will also make it last longer – bonus!!

    3) Don't put any of it on your bottom lashes.

    Following these tips and the directions on the bottle will help prevent irritation and still give you awesome results.

    Good luck with your decision! Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you'll be back soon :)


  3. Thanks so much! Will definitely be back and when I do try it I'll let you know. BTW, have the same Michael Kors watch. LOVE IT.


  4. Hi Kelsey!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the review :) I know that some hair salons sell LiLash, but you can also buy it online through their website at It's $139.97 online, plus shipping, I assume. When I bought it through a hair stylist, I think I paid about $170 for it. So it looks like you can get a better deal online.

    The nice thing about this product is that it lasts you a long time. I think they advertise it as lasting about 3 months but you can really get at least twice that out of the tube if you only use a tiny bit each time you apply. It's very potent solution so you need very little of it for it to work.

    I was putting mascara on this morning and I was in shock by how much my lashes have grown in such a short time. I know I said I wasn't going to do before and after photos for LiLash but I might just have to post some after pictures just because of how amazing it is.

    Anyway, good luck!

  5. I LOVE THIS STUFF! Yes, it works!!! It's expensive at $120 but emedoutlet sell it for $40. I've used it for 2 years and it rocks but you definitely have to pay for results. It took me about 2 months to see results and 4 months for FULL results. The first bottle lasts about 2-3 months. Once your lashes are full, you can cut back and use every other night. You only need ONE drop to do the top lash line of both eyes. I spend on Latisse and cut back other places because it does work.

  6. i recently stopped getting eyelash extensions because I had a heck of a time finding a suitable salon in Eugene that could be a efficient and decent lash job. They either fell out, or took 3 hours for a fill. I was constantly going up to Portland to have my fills, and it was taking up too much time. I started using lilash, and my short asian lashes have gotten longer, and longer. I think my product has expired- do you know of a place in Eugene that sells Lilash or did you order yours online? By the way, I love your blog!!

  7. Hi enjoyed your comments on Latisse but after using it for about 8 months I don't think its doing the job anymore. Will try and find lilash here in the Toronto area and maybe give that a try. Thanks for the input


  8. That was very nice to hear that you admit your own mistake and decided to go back to product you once didn't like and rethink the whole thing… I used Latisse and loved results, but just couldn't stand going to the doctor every month and a half to get prescription. and expense – of course.
    I also used lilash – it made my eyelashes longer. But I liked Fysiko the most, as it also made my eyelashes fuller, so I found it works close to latisse but doesn't have their horrible sideeffects. Did you try Fysiko? what do you think?

  9. love your site. latisse has been great for me – took my little lashes and grew and grew and grew. Only using every other day. get it at – usually have promos if you are on their email list.

  10. Latisse is very effective and having good results. It is FDA approve product and available online. I purchased it from and they have very good service. Latisse enhances the length and shade of eyelashes.

  11. My eyelids have darkened and my eyes have brown blotchy color around the pupil. I wish I had never used Latisse.
    Beware of Latisse Ladies!!!!!

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