HOW TO: Get the look of a blowout with a curling iron

Who doesn’t love the look of a salon-style, round-brush blowout? Unfortunately, giving yourself a blowout without the help of a stylist can be quite challenging and time-consuming. Luckily, my friend Emily has discovered an easy, time-effecient way to achieve the same look with a curling iron instead of a round brush (she did it on my hair – above!) The best part? It’s easy to do on yourself! No professional stylist needed! In today’s video tutorial, Emily shows you, using my hair, how to get the look of a round brush blowout using a curling iron.

What you’ll need to recreate this look: + 2″ curling iron + Hair brush + Hair tie + Dry, un-styled hair + Five to ten minutes of time

The finished product:

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11 thoughts on “HOW TO: Get the look of a blowout with a curling iron

  1. Thanks Liz! It's nice to get to see Emily and she was kind enough to let me rope her into being on camera :) I hope your new home is treating you well :)

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  3. It's anything but difficult to do on yourself! No expert beautician required! In today's feature instructional exercise, Emily demonstrates to you, utilizing my hair, best practices to get the look of a round brush victory utilizing a hair curler.

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