Bought, making and watching


Bought this today…

{Mimosa Reversible Bedding from Z Gallerie. Been eyeing it for a year. Finally went on sale last week. Sans the euro shams. Carter doesn’t understand the point of euro shams anyway.}

Making this for dinner…

{Black bean stuffed peppers found on Pinterest, recipe via Delicious, healthy, and vegetarian.}

And watching this tonight…

{Dexter Season 6. Ah-mazing!}

It’s shaping up to be a lovely evening. Happy Sunday!

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This season of Dexter is so good. And his brother is back… what?!

I know! The brother thing was interesting… But not my favorite storyline this season.

ooohh just finished with the brother episode last night!!! am glad Dexter decides to offer his dad a lift on the way back ;)


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