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Glitter nail tips

Lately, there have been some really, REALLY cool manicures floating around Pinterest and the blogosphere. Inspired by everyone’s nail creativity, I decided to do my own creative DIY manicure (see above). This is a combination of OPI and Zoya and it was super easy to do! First, I painted a base coat of the Zoya purple and then did a few coats of the OPI on my tips. And ta da! It’s a jewel-toned, sparkly french manicure.

This wasn’t my first attempt at a creative manicure and it certainly won’t be my last. For Halloween, I tried Sally Hansen’s press on manicure in “lace”. See below.

And last year, I did a variation of the first manicure I showed you but with a navy blue from American Apparel’s line of nail polish (as opposed to the purple), and the same gold glitter polish. See below. (You can read more about this manicure in my blog post “Polished Perfection.”)

Although I’m proud of my DIY manicures and think they turned out pretty well – these manicures below put mine to shame. Oh well – there’s always room for improvement!

Image from The Nailasaurus

One of Sara’s ever-inspiring manicures over at Glitter and Grace – She used tape to create that clean line!

Image from Pinterest. Which I knew what kind of polish this is!

I think this is called Baby it’s Coal Outsite? But I’m not positive. Image from Pinterest.

And my personal favorite…

Newspaper manicure, from Konad Addict

What has been inspiring your beauty routine lately?

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