10 Gifts for the Stylish Technology Lover

Kate Spade iPhone Case

Welcome to the first post in my series of 2011/2012 Holiday Gift Guides! The theme of this week’s guide is stylish technology for women.

It’s a myth that women don’t appreciate technology…

Although we may not be the first in line at Target when the latest and greatest gaming system first goes on sale (because, you know, we have “better things” to be doing at 12 a.m.), we do love a nice, sleek piece of technology. Something that feels nice to the touch and makes our lives easier. Naturally, it’s an added bonus when we can dress it up with accessories (that’s where these gifts come in).

Whether you’re buying for your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, friend or even yourself – there is sure to be something that catches your eye from this list!

5 Gifts for the Stylish Tech Lover

1) Stylish Smartphone Case. For example, this iPhone 4 case from Kate Spade, $40 at Nordstrom.com. If this one is just a little too “cute” for your liking (and for some women, it will be), there are lots of other attractive options. J Crew, Rebecca Minkoff, InCase, and Z Gallerie all make fabulously stylish iPhone cases.

2) Fashionable e-book reader cover. For example, this Kindle case from Diane Von Fursenburg, $85 on Amazon. I bought this for my mom last year and she loved it. And I’m sure the new Kindle has a whole range of new cases available. Be sure that you buy a case that fits the Kindle or iPad model that she owns (or that you’re buying her).

3) Light-weight & fashionable work bag/ laptop bag/ iPad bag. For example, the O.M.G., on sale for $178.75 at Lo & Sons. I actually own this bag in brown (the color pictured below) – and I LOVE it! In addition to it being soft and light-weight, it’s truly beautiful. I get compliments on it all the time. So yes, I recommend this one based on personal experience.

4) One-of-a-kind tech accessories. Many women like their accessories to be one-of-a-kind. If this is the case for the woman you’re buying for, check out etsy.com. You’ll find a wide selection of ridiculously cute/cool/unique handmade ipad cases, iphone cases, laptop cases and much more! For example, I found these in an Etsy shop called Pencil Shavings Studio, $39.99 each. They’re all made to order and can be customized to say whatever you like!

5) Fabulous Camera Strap. If she’s got a fabulous camera, she’ll love a fabulous camera strap. I’m sorry, but those black ones that come with DSLRs are just not the most attractive things in the world. But quality is important here – so you really don’t want to go cheap. And who makes better leather camera accessories than Roberu? Buy this Roberu camera strap for $168.


I’ve talked mostly about accessories for technology so far. But I also have some suggestions if you want to buy the gadgets themselves. (Because, after all, you need to have the gadgets before you accessorize them.)

5 Tech Gadgets Most Anyone Would Love to Have

iPad 2 – Personally, I’d suggest waiting for the iPad 3, which is supposed to come out shortly after Christmas. But if you really can’t wait, hop on the bandwagon with the iPad 2, a truly revolutionary device. Buy it from Apple.com, starting at $499. Also, it couldn’t hurt to check out Apple’s iPad accessories, while you’re surfing their site for gift ideas. Personally, I’ll take the iPad keyboard.

iPhone 4S – Take HD photos, record HD videos, check email, send texts, enhance life with millions of apps… And have I even mentioned Siri yet? Once you go iPhone, you never go back. (Oh yeah – and sometimes it even lets you make phone calls. Score!) Buy it from Apple.com.

New Kindle – For the reader on the go. Equipped with wi-fi and a 6″ display. The best part? It’s only $79! Buy it on Amazon.com.

Cannon PowerShot S95 – Get DSLR quality (almost) with the convenience of a point-and-shoot camera. There are a few cameras like this on the market, but this is one of the top picks by reviewers. Yes, the price tag is still a little hefty, but it’s much less than a DSLR and the convenience factor of this camera is huge! Buy it from Cannon.com for $399.99.

Car GPS – In no way am I implying that women get lost more than men. However, the farer sex does seem to have less of a problem asking for directions. (Can we all agree on that one?) So – we’re comfortable using a GPS. Best of all, the GPS technology has significantly improved over the past few year and the price of prices have plummeted. As a result, the car GPS has become a very affordable gift. TomTom and Garmin are the two major brands that make this product. Check them both out at Best Buy.

Hope this guide was helpful, or at the very least an interesting read! Happy shopping! And don’t forget to turn in next Thursday, December 8th, for the second post in my series of gift guides leading up to the holidays. Next weeks post will be “For the Men: 5 Gifts Under $150 That Your Girlfriend Will Love”

Disclosure: I received no benefit or compensation for recommending this products. So rest assured that these are all well researched, genuine recommendations from me.

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