Fashion Week Crept Up on Me

It’s already September. I’m really not sure how that happened. At any rate, I have crazy busy days and nights to look forward to in Portland this week. Then on Saturday morning I leave for New York to attend the end of Fashion Week with my mom. I’m looking forward to a great (albiet hectic) trip to my favorite city. Not to mention that I’m insanely excited to experience my very first NY Fashion Week (well, the end of it at least!) But now the real question is… What to on earth do I wear?

As I said, this is my first NYFW. So even though I consider myself at least marginally apt at dressing myself, I’m still at a bit of a loss here. I thought about following in Katy from Sugarlaw’s footsteps and posting my outfits on my blog and Facebook for readers to vote on (smart girl), but there’s no time for that now… So I’m going to have to throw something together last minute and hope it turns out at the better end of a disaster.

In the little time I’ve had to think about this so far, I’ve thought about my favorite Fall trends for this year and I could go with any or all of these at fashion week and be a happy, happy woman:

Black on black – Classic, always flattering, and with a little bit of edge
Rich burgundy/ oxblood/ wine (whatever you want to call it!) – Fall 2012’s biggest hue
Coated pants, dress or jacket – Cheaper than leather but just as sleek

Gah! So stressful. I’m going shopping after work today so hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something. In the mean time, here’s a little inspiration from Charlize Theron for my (potential) NYFW outfits. Gotta love her simple LBD with killer black shoes, hard accessories and red lip. Classic with a little bit of edge, which is exactly how I’d like to look at NYFW. (Image via Pinterest.)

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