What I wore to New York Fashion Week: Day 1

What I wore to Fashion Week

Ever since I was little, there has been a special place in my heart reserved just for New York City. I grew up visiting my grandparents from my dad’s side on Long Island at least once a year, and with that trip always came a mult-day excursion into the city. My dad and I would stay in eccentric hotels, go shopping on 5th Avenue and spend the evening watching Broadway musicals. My parents have been divorced since I was four years old and this was always mine and my dad’s special trip. (And of course his girlfriend Heather’s too when they started dating.)

As I got older, I began traveling to NYC for other reasons than just family. I’ve flown to the city for business a couple of times, or as an extended pit stop before departing for Israel. I’ve also visited friends there.

And this last week, my mom and I took a four day girls trip to New York City for Fashion Week. I hadn’t been to NY with my mom in 20 years so this was a treat for both of us! Obviously it was different than when I go with my dad – but still really, really fun! More girly, obviously.

This was the outfit I wore on my first day in New York. My mom and I attended the Tracy Reese Fashion Show at Lincoln Center. Watching a runway show in person during Fashion Week was exhilarating! Tracy’s spring 2012 collection is absolutely incredible (but more on that later!)

I didn’t bother snapping many runway photos because I wanted to be able to sit and enjoy the show. But if you want to see more photos from this show check out this article from the Huffington Post.

Outfit details:
RACHEL Rachel Roy Jacket, H&M dress, last year’s Vince Camuto booties (this year’s style here), old Coach bag, H&M Necklace

{My view of the runway. Check out the front row of the audience and let me know if you recognize anybody!}

{The Style Network had a red carpet so me and my stylish mother posed for a couple photos after the show.}

On another note, this was the last time my favorite Vince Camuto booties (which are actually sandals) ever saw the light of day. I’ve worn them constantly for years (and yes, they’ve been re-soled and re-heeled many a time). By the time I wore them for the show, the poor heels were so turned in that I was practically hobbling around and my mom feared for my life (or at least the safety of my ankels). So unfortunately, in the trash they went. My favorite shoes. Ever. They had great height, were incredibly comfortable and totally stylish (in my opinion) so I was very sad to see them go. But safety first, I guess.

If anyone has any suggestions for a similar style to replace them with, please let me know!

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