Simple DIY updates you can make to clothes you already own for Fall

Although you’re bombarded with advertisements every time the season changes, I’m of the firm belif that you shouldn’t need to purchase a lot of new clothes in order to be stylish and on trend this fall. You probably already own some staples from last year that just need a little updating, and I assure you that many summer clothes transition better than you think. Here are my suggestions for easy Fall clothing DIYs that will cost you next to nothing but will reap you tons of stylish rewards.

Easy Update: Cropped skinnies

Unlike the traditional skinny jean that bunches at your ankle or hits right at the foot, the cropped skinny streamlines your look and is infinitely flattering. It’s also super in style this season with every major brand coming out with a pair or two.

The DIY:
Sure, you could shell out a bunch of money for a brand new pair. OR you could take one of your existing pairs of skinny jeans and crop them like I did. Volia! An instant wardrobe update. And let me tell you, I get more compliments on the two pairs of jeans I cropped than I ever have on jeans in my life.

Not great at sewing? Neither am I. Find a local, skilled tailor on Yelp like I did. (I go to Kim’s Tailor Shop on Ceder Hills Blvd. and it cost me about $8 per pair of jeans I cropped.) Just tell your tailor you want the jean to hit right above your ankle.

Easy Update: Studded boots

Studs are everywhere this season – but I like them best on shoes. And what says fall better than a pair of boots? (Actually – the ankle boot (the “bootie,” if you will) is the boot of the 2012 season so if you have those already, even better!)

The DIY:
I bought these booties from ASOS last year and after getting a year’s worth of wear out of them, I figured it was time to make them a little more interesting. (Target carries this cheaper version.) I ordered studs from and plan to adorn the sides of my boots with a few for a fun take on this fall trend! Just decide on a design you want and then push the spikes through the leather or cloth, then secure the backs of them with a hard, flat surface.

Need inspiration for this Fall trend? Check out all these amazing studded ankle boots from Zara to get ideas for how you want your DIY boots to look!

Easy Update: New coat buttons

{Jackets shown above: here & here. Buttons shown above: here & here.}

The DIY:
I’m working under the assumption that you already own some sort of peacoat or jacket with buttons on it. However, if you’re anything like me, you probably bought the jacket for a great deal at some cheap store like Forever 21 years ago and have since decided it looks too cheap to wear it. The quick fix? New buttons! Often jackets like these only look cheap or cheesy because of their plastic buttons. Purchase some buttons you love from a site like and then take them onto the tailor (or sew them yourself) to replace the existing buttons on your jacket. I promise, it’ll look like a whole new jacket!

It’s your turn to share…

Now that I’ve shared my wardrobe transition tips (I’ve got a few more up my sleeve that I’ll share in a future post!), tell me yours! How are you transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall? I’d love to know!

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