Camo, Leather & a New Hair Color

Leather Moto jacket red lips

Jacket: Walter Baker (sold out – but I love this one and this one).
Sweater: Anthropologie.
Pants: Pac Sun (sold out – but I love these).
Boots: Latitude Femme.
Necklace: Perfumed Jewelry (c/o).
Rings: David Yurman & vintage.
Bag: Louis Vuitton.
Lips: YSL Gloss Stain.

Soooo… I dyed my hair dark. At first I was a little unsure about the color, but it’s growing on me. Don’t get me wrong, I still identify with being blonde and have every intention of going back at some point, but I think this is kind of a fun change for winter. My amazing stylist Taylor at Lucas Salon made my transformation from light to dark much less traumatic than it could have been by creating a nice ombre’ color with light pieces around my face. If you live in Portland (or LA – she has a salon there too) and are in need of a new hair dresser, I can’t sing enough praises about Taylor! She rocks.

But that’s enough talk of my hair. I can’t believe I’ve been rambling for an entire paragraph and haven’t mentioned that I SAW CATCHING FIRE LAST WEEKEND! Have you seen it yet?

I loved it, I really did – but in my less-than-expert opinion, it had a few significant flaws. Let me preface my critiques with the fact that I’m a hugely-obnoxious, will-talk-about-it-to-anybody-who-will-listen, fan of the books. So, like any die-hard fan, I couldn’t stop myself from being bugged by some important details that got left out…

Catching Fire spoilers ahead! Perhaps the most obvious thing that was left out of the film was the storyline about the two escapees from district eight that were traveling to District 13. It’s not that I felt that this was a particularly riveting part of the book, but I did feel that plot-wise, it was necessary. It planted the idea in our heads that District 13 might still exist as a potential safe house. So given the fact that the Catching Fire movie barely mentioned 13 at all, it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that most of the next film is going to take place there. So that’s my first issue. But also, why didn’t Hevensbee show Kaitness his watch that represented the clock in the arena while they were dancing? It wouldn’t have added much time to the film because they already choose to included their dance, and it would have made the clock-shaped arena much less random (like it did in the book). Considering they left that detail out, why include the dancing scene in the movie at all? Also, speaking of useless details, why even bother to introduce Kaitness’ fake pregnancy during the interviews in the film if they were never going to mention it again later? There were plenty of opportunities in the games to play up the pregnancy thing (like they did in the book), yet no one took advantage of them. Humph.

I know I’m getting a little carried away… I’ve become such a critic lately! (I blame all the EW TV recaps and IMDB I’ve been reading.) I really did love the movie, as much as it sounds like I didn’t. I think it was a great political commentary without beating you over the head with a message. And Jennifer Lawrence was amazing (as always) and Josh Hutcherson had more of an opportunity to shine as Peeta in this film, which was a huge plus.

You should go see it for yourself, and then report back and let me know what you thought!

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten my Hunger Games rant off my chest… What was I going to talk about? Oh yeah, this outfit!

Of everything hanging in my closet right now, this sweater gets the most wear, hands down. I’m pretty sure Carter is sick of seeing me in it, but I just can’t seem to take it off – it’s so cozy!

As a matter of fact, this entire outfit is made up of some of my favorite pieces: Badass ankle boots that are high enough to stuff pants into, a leather moto jacket with perfectly placed silver hardware, and camo jeans that somehow go with everything. Oh, and a really sweet necklace, but I’ll tell you guys more about that in another post.

Anthropologie sweater

Camo pants, leather jacket

Camo pants, leather moto jacket, black ankle boots, berry stained lips

Leather moto jacket

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