Our Simple, Cost-Effective Entryway

Simple entryway bench and art

simple entryway art and bench

Logically speaking, it’s best to decorate the rooms that get seen most often first and the lesser-seen rooms last. So it really makes no sense that our guest room was the first room we finished and our entryway was one of the last. I have no reasonable explanation for this. Really.

But for the past two years that we’ve lived here, our entryway has been completely neglected – cluttered by piles of shoes, dog toys, and whatever handbags I wore that week. It was sloppy and ugly. And it was the first thing people saw when they walked in our door.

That changed last weekend.

Simple cost effective entry bench and art

My design-conscious husband knew I had my heart set on a small bench for this area. But between budget restrictions and our own personal tastes, finding the perfect bench was a chore. But on Saturday when Carter stumbled across a rustic, reclaimed-wood bench with lots of character for only $200 at Grand Marketplace, he knew we had to have it!

As I’m sure you know, art can be very expensive. Even prints. The cactus prints hung here are vintage and were a great price from the Etsy shop Gnosis Picture Archive. I had a local frame shop cut custom mats to fit the prints then framed them with Ikea Ribba frames (the mats that come with the frame weren’t the right size for the prints). Overall, the art and framing cost me a little over $100, which is a steal for something of this scale that has this much impact on a fairly large wall.

entryway shelf for keys and god leash

Before we re-decorated this area, we had Carter’s old nightstand from college tucked in the corner to serve as a key stand. Neither of us were crazy about the piece but we were having trouble finding a table narrow enough and tall enough for the area so we lived with it for a while.

Then we came up with the idea to float a shelf and Carter picked up this corner one from Home Decorator’s Collection (Home Depot’s surprisingly stylish and well-priced line). He hung it in a matter of minutes and now our keys have a simple, chic little home.

The key dish, which doubles as a jewelry catch-all, was a wedding gift from one of my girlfriends from our Pottery Barn wedding registry.

entryway art bench and key tray

When we got engaged, Carter and I put home decorating on pause so we could focus our finances on our wedding and honeymoon. But now that we’re married and things have settled down, it feels really good to be able to put some attention toward finishing our home. We also made some good progress on our master bedroom last weekend so hopefully I’ll have some photos to share with you soon! xo

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  1. Simply awesome. I totally liked the cost effective entryway you've designed. I'm looking forward to designing my house entryway in the similar design.

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