Holiday Home Tour: Our Family Room

House 24

We spend a ton of time in this room. It’s right off the kitchen and the home to our television, and let’s face it, we eat and watch tv more than we do most other things in life… I love the way this room turned out, but designing it was challenging. None of the furniture we moved over from our old apartment worked in here because of the awkwardly long and narrow shape of this room. (Luckily, our pre-existing furniture worked perfectly in our living room.)

House 25

When we first looked at the house, we could tell that the previous owners didn’t really know what to do with this room either. But we really wanted to really maximize the space, and figured the best way to do that was to optimize our seating options. We searched high and low for the perfect sectional sofa and landed on the configurable Henry sofa from West Elm. The Henry has nice classic lines, and you can choose a custom size and configuration (and fabric) that makes it look specifically designed for the room it’s in. I’ve always wanted a huge cozy sectional sofa, so this piece was perfect.

House 21

Another challenge with this room was the lack of lighting. There wasn’t single light built in, so at night this room was pretty much pitch black.

We looked into installing can lights or a chandelier but our electrician said that was going to be a really big deal (expensive) so we decided to go with some decorative sconces instead. I worked with this etsy seller (who was awesome – super responsive and helpful and fast) to customize this listing.

House 23

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Sofa | Pillow | Pillow (similar and similar) | Rug | Coffee Table | Art (similar) | Table accessory (similar) | Trinket box (similar) | Throw blanket | Sconces

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