Master Bathroom Reno Inspiration

I’m not exactly looking forward to living in a construction zone for weeks at a time, but it’ll be worth it… Because we are finally ready to renovate our master bathroom!! No more carpeted bathroom floor, no more child-sized vanities, no more toilet that you have to wiggle the handle to flush… I’m living the dream over here folks.

The existing layout is perfectly fine and functional, so we don’t need to re-design that (which will save us some marginal amount of money on plumbing, etc.) But everything needs to be replaced – that means demolishing everything and installing a new vanity, plumbing fixtures, stone, tile, paint, lighting, toilet, mirrors… The list goes on and on. We also don’t have nearly enough storage right now. My beauty products take up a lot of room (shocking, I know)… So we’re working on some built-in solutions to accommodate that.

Tile and hardware options

{A few tile and hardware options we are considering.}

We’re in design mode here at the Beyl household right now. We can’t get started on much until we finalize our stone, tile and cabinet decisions. But we’re trying to get those all figured out this week, and I think we are headed in the right direction. (Fingers crossed!!) You know I’ll keep you guys in the loop when we get those figured out!

In the mean time, are some gorgeous master bathrooms that are inspiring our decisions right now.


Design by Caitlin Wilson Design.


Design by Greige Design.


That statement wall in the shower gives me all the feels! Design by Katie Scott.


Designer unknown. Please let me know if you know so I can properly credit this photo.


Corner shelves in the shower are a great, more affordable alternative to shower niches. Design by Bliss at Home.


Design by Mindy Gayer.


Design by Joanna Gaines.


Design by Dane Tashma.

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