A few months ago, I told you about getting my head shots taken. At the time, I mentioned a talented hair and makeup artist, who was solely responsible for making me look like a presentable human being. But I was waiting until this post to give you the rundown on my experience with Jessica Belknap.


I’m going through a total fashion crisis right now because all I can think about is spring but Mother Nature is still very much embracing winter. What the heck, right? I got so inspired seeing all these other bloggers and Pinterest celebs wearing their white jeans in March that I made the stupid decision to

Products & Services That Make Up My Hair

Hi guys – I have a quick update! If you’re a reader of my blog, you might be interested to know that I just created a Facebook Page for it so that you can stay updated on the latest posts and connect with me over social media. Okay, now back to the regularly scheduled programming…

My Favorite Places to Shop… Online

Portland, where I live, really isn’t a bad place to shop. Compared with many cities, we’ve got lots of options. (And lots of good vintage shopping, if that’s your thing.) But we’re certainly no New York or even Seattle. We don’t have Zara or Topshop (we JUST got H&M) and we’re missing some major department

My Experience with Permanent Makeup

I’ve always been experimental when it comes to innovative beauty products and services, even when there’s a little bit of risk involved (we’ll see if this comes back to bite me in the butt down the line). I’ve tried Latisse (and LiLash) to chemically grow my eyelashes longer, Brazilian Blowouts to smooth out my crazy

My Photo Shoot with Portraits by Ali

You may have noticed some changes to my blog recently. In addition to the general re-design, there are some gorgeous new portraits sprinkled throughout its pages. I say gorgeous because every photo Ali Murray captures is gorgeous, even when she’s stuck working with someone as awkward as myself. Thankfully, Ali is a woman with many

Paul Mitchell Event and my #curlconfession

Last week, I had the honor of co-hosting a Paul Mitchell hair styling event with the Paul Mitchell team and Glamour Magazine. The event featured Paul Mitchell’s newest developments in hair care: the Curls and Blonde collections. All event attendees had the opportunity to sample one of the lines using products like Paul Mitchell’s Round

My Skincare Products and Routine for Day and Night

As a self-proclaimed product junkie, I’ve used a fair number of products over the years. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized the importance of using gentle, non-irritating products and sticking to a (fairly) consistent skincare regimen. I know myself well enough to know that if a routine involves too many steps, or too many

My #curlconfession with Paul Mitchell

I have high maintenance hair. There’s really no other way to describe it. I highlight to the point where it’s fairly expensive to maintain my color, and my unruly curls demand hours of my time every week in order to make them, well, “ruley” (is that even a word?) But I’m honestly not complaining. I

Portland Charity Event: Urban Waxx Waxxathon

Hi Friends! FYI – for those of you living in the Portland-area who are interested in helping a great cause, eating delicious, local food and getting… wait for it…waxed! – there’s a charity event going on this Saturday (Oct. 6th) that I think you’ll be in! Who/What: Urban Waxx, Portland’s favorite wax salon is hosting

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