My bathroom countertop

Seeing a friend’s bathroom for the first time can be quite telling. In a personal way, similar to seeing inside someone’s handbag, it helps you understand a little bit about where that person is coming from. The problem with bathroom countertops is that they’re limited when it comes to space. So you’re forced to consolidate

HOW TO: Spring Eye Makeup

{The finished product} The shift from winter to spring means more than just breaking out the shorts from the bottom of your closet. It also invites the opportunity to experiment with new and interesting makeup. The fun thing about spring is that colorful makeup is almost always acceptable, whereas summer tends to welcome more minimalist

Spring fashion and TOMS

The official start of spring has gotten me more than a little excited about all the clothes that I’ll finally be able to break out of my closet (and those I get to add to it). Although it stays cold and wet a little longer here in Oregon than it does elsewhere, I’m still thinking

Currently craving…

Not to go into too much detail about my insecurities or anything, but I really, really hate how thin my lips are! I’ve briefly fantasized about getting lip injections, but then celebrity photos like this one, and this one bring me back to reality. Such beautiful women ruining their already perfect faces with surgery! So

CND Shellac Manicure Review – the manicure that “lasts” 14 days

So I reviewed this manicure in this post about a year ago and didn’t have very positive things to say about it. I’ve gotten a lot of traffic on this post and a lot of feedback, so since then I’ve given this manicure another chance which has given me the opportunity to revise my review.

How long should you keep makeup after it has been opened?

Quick quiz! 1) Do you still own that same tube of lipstick you wore back in high school? 2) Have you somehow made your mascara last an entire year? 3) Do you hold on to a darker foundation (stored in the back of your drawer) because it matches your skin so well in the summertime?

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