GET THE LOOK: Leopard and Moody Neuturals

Leopard print

Although I’ve been finding myself drawn to a lot of solids lately, there’s one print I simply can’t get enough of – leopard. While leopard really does go with everything from florals to pastels to neons, I love the sophisticated (and wearable) ways the ladies above paired their leopard jackets with moody grays and other neutrals.

Here are the leopard staples missing from you life that will help you copy the looks from the ladies in the photos above…

Leopard Coat (also comes in petite for those of us 5’4″ or shorter.)
Leopard Blazer
Leopard Cardigan

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Images above via: We Wore What, Late Boots, and Shopbop.



Save or splurge leather dress

A little leather dress is such a fun addition to your fall wardrobe. Wear it with an edgy pair of booties (like these or these), and a thick, on-trend statement cuff (like this one or this one) and you’ve got yourself an outfit. (Add some opaque black tights when the weather starts to get chilly!)

Buy the save from Anthropologie or the splurge from Shopbop.


DIY Candy Bouquet (Valentine’s Day or Thank You Gift)

DIY Candy Bouquet - The perfect Thank You or Valentine's Day gift

This DIY Candy Bouquet is a creative alternative to flowers or chocolates as a Thank You or Valentine’s Day gift. I made it for Carter’s office last weekend as a token of my appreciation for them taking me on their company trip a few weeks ago.

It was inspired by the Fred Meyer bouquets I spotted last week. I almost bought one of them, but I didn’t like that they were 1) Valentine’s Day-themed – in my case, I wanted to give a thank you gift 2) only had a few kinds of candy and 3) pre-made. Despite those issues I had with them, I thought the idea of a Candy Bouquet was really sweet so I figured I’d make my own custom bouquet, using a wider variety of sweets.

What you’ll need:

All of this can be found at your local grocery store.

  1. Four boxes of candyThese are used to create the vase, so it helps if you get boxes that are similar in size – within a 1″ width and height as one another. I used Junior Mints, Sugar Babies, Charleston Chews and Gobstoppers.
  2. Four or more full-size candy bars or regular-size bags of candy
  3. Chopsticks or cake pop sticksI used Cake Pop Sticks because I couldn’t find chopsticks at the store.
  4. Scotch tape
  5. Colored tissue paper


    First we’re going to create the “vase” that holds the “bouquet.”

  1. Stand the candy boxes up on their sides so that the four of them form the shape of a tall rectangular box (without a base or top). Adjust their configuration to find the most even way to position them. If you bought four boxes that were all the same size, it won’t matter which way you configure them because they’ll make an even vase. If each box is a different size, you may want to rearrange them a little bit to find the best configuration. It’s okay if you can’t make a perfectly even vase out of the candy boxes you picked out – that won’t matter in the end. Just made sure that the bottom of the vase can sit evenly on a flat surface.
  2. Once you have decided on a configuration for your vase, use the scotch tape to tape the sides of your candy boxes together to solidify it’s shape. I used two pieces of tape on the outside where two boxes come together and two pieces on the inside. Do this for all four walls of your vase.
  3. DIY Candy Bouquet

  4. To create a base for your vase, to keep the bouquet from falling through the bottom, fold up some tissue paper and tape it to the bottom. (I know this doesn’t look very pretty, but no one will see this part because it’ll be sitting on a table.)
  5. DIY Candy Bouquet

    Next we’re going to create the “bouquet.”

  6. Crumple up one piece of tissue paper and stuff it into the bottom of your vase. This will make your bouquet sit up higher, and give your sticks something to stick into (that will help hold them in place).
  7. Secure your candy bars and bags of candy to the tops of your cake pop sticks (or chop sticks) with scotch tape.
  8. Put each of your candy on a stick into the bouquet. For every other candy bar on a stick that you put in your bouquet, wrap one loosely in tissue paper to create bulk and add color to the bouquet.
  9. photo (52)

  10. Rearrange as you see fit so that it looks the nicest.
  11. Optional: Write a nice card and tape it to one of your sticks, and add it to the bouquet.

This is a nifty little project that takes very little time at all and even unskilled DIYers (like myself) can do it. But at the same time, it’s sweet and personalized and makes a great treat for someone special, filled with their favorite candy!

photo (51)


Emerald City

Emerald City

If you pay any attention to Pantone, you probably already know that emerald green was chosen as the 2013 color of the year. (See ya later, oxblood/burgundy/whatever!) Chasing trends can be exhausting to say the least, but luckily emerald is easy to wear. For those of you deciding to jump on this color bandwagon (I’m guilty as charged), you can choose to be a little adventurous and wear it with other shades of green – or simply add an emerald green accent piece to compliment the rest of your outfit. Either way, the color will shine. These are a few of my favorite emerald clothes and accessories at every price point.

1. BaubleBar Emerald Akasha Drops
2. ASOS Multi Stone Cocktail Ring
3. Forever 21 Scarf Print Pants
4. butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in ‘British Racing Green’
5. Thayer EXCLUSIVE ‘Wild Maxi’ in ‘Green Silk’ (on sale now!)
6. Black Halo ‘Jackie O Dress’ in ‘Antique Green’
7. Tibi Lurex Jacquard Top
8. ASOS Metallic Super Skinny Metal Keeper Belt (only $10.55!)
9. Alice + Olivia ‘Dina’ Suede Pumps