The Best Little Black Dresses Under $200


“One is never over or under dressed with a little black dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld.

So with Karl’s eternal wisdom in mind, and knowing that chic shouldn’t have to cost a fortune, here are my picks for the chicest little black dresses under $200. No matter if you’re looking for something formal or casual, there’s something in here for you. Click through the slideshow below to shop.


Emerald City

Emerald City

If you pay any attention to Pantone, you probably already know that emerald green was chosen as the 2013 color of the year. (See ya later, oxblood/burgundy/whatever!) Chasing trends can be exhausting to say the least, but luckily emerald is easy to wear. For those of you deciding to jump on this color bandwagon (I’m guilty as charged), you can choose to be a little adventurous and wear it with other shades of green – or simply add an emerald green accent piece to compliment the rest of your outfit. Either way, the color will shine. These are a few of my favorite emerald clothes and accessories at every price point.

1. BaubleBar Emerald Akasha Drops
2. ASOS Multi Stone Cocktail Ring
3. Forever 21 Scarf Print Pants
4. butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in ‘British Racing Green’
5. Thayer EXCLUSIVE ‘Wild Maxi’ in ‘Green Silk’ (on sale now!)
6. Black Halo ‘Jackie O Dress’ in ‘Antique Green’
7. Tibi Lurex Jacquard Top
8. ASOS Metallic Super Skinny Metal Keeper Belt (only $10.55!)
9. Alice + Olivia ‘Dina’ Suede Pumps


Mexico Snapshots


Alas, all good things must come to an end. Carter and I said our farewells to the family a few days ago and flew back to Portland, welcomed home by near-freezing weather and rain. Go figure.

The flight back was anxiety-ridden, thanks to the countdown until the end of the world on the big screen at our terminal at the air port. I’m not kidding. That’s really what was up on the big screen. We were in Myan country after all. And traveling on the 21st. I guess if there’s anywhere you want to be when the world ends, it’s in the sky, right?

But thankfully, it was a non issue. Our flight was relatively smooth and society lives on. Hallelujah!

Here are a few snap shots from the trip. I wish I had gotten more family photos in here but unfortunately they didn’t get captured on my camera. So for now, you’re mostly stuck staring at Carter and myself. Enjoy!

Couple in the ocean

Me and my dad

{My daddy!}

Ping pong

{Ping Pong tournament with some of my favorite boys}

Cozumel beach

Our friendly neighbor

{Our neighbor for the week}

Us at sunset

Carter in the pool

{My man}

Carter with his beer

Para Sailing 1

{Ready, set…}

Para Sailing 2

{Lift off!}

Para sailing 3

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate) and are looking forward to the new year. Cheers!



My dad and I usually make a point to get out to New York for a week or two every summer to visit his parents (I told you a little about that in this post). To this day, my grandparents still live in the same house my dad grew up in on Long Island.

My dad recently shared some photos with me of himself, his older brother Ken, and my grandparents – all taken on Fire Island when my dad was very young. My grandparents had a vacation house built for the family there, only a short ferry ride away from Bayshore, the town my dad grew up in on Long Island. When my dad and his brother Ken were kids, the whole family would spend their summers on Fire Island. And my grandfather would commute via ferry to work every day.

{My grandparents vacation house on Fire Island}

Although their vacation house was only 30 minutes away from their home in Bayshore, my dad still talks about those summers spent on Fire Island with nostalgia. He talks about how cars weren’t allowed anywhere on the island. Seriously, no one drove. If you needed to transport groceries, toys (in my dad’s case) or anything else, you rolled it to where it needed to go in one of those little red wagons. My dad also told me about the neighboring beach towns he and his brother would go exploring on their own. It sounds like Fire Island was a very safe place back then if litte kids could go wandering from town to town without cell phones. And he talks about his dad taking them out on his boat for the day and them arriving home with some big fish his mom would cook up for dinner. She’s a great cook.

{After a fishing trip}

{My dad and his brother playing with a red wagon}

I’ve been to Fire Island a handfull of times myself. My dad has taken me to see where their house used to be (it’s since been destroyed in a storm, long before it was devastated again this year by Hurricane Sandy), and all the other places he used to tell me about. But it was always hard to picture my grandparents there, and them spending so much time together there as a family. For some reason they never decided to come with us when we would take the ferry ride over there.

And that is part of what made me so grateful to see these pictures. I’m not sure why it wasn’t until recently that I’ve started seeing more photos of my dad and grandparents when they were young. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention before, but now I think it’s fun to look at photos like that. My grandmother was so beautiful. (AND stylish – check out those swimsuits!) My grandfather so handsome. And look how happy they all look together!

{My grandma, my dad, my uncle Ken, and my grandpa}

So because I’m on a family vacation right now, with some family that is newer to my life – but still oh so important – I thought I’d share some photos with you of the family that I’ve known since I was born (at least my dad’s side), taken in a place that I know was (and still is) very near and dear to their hearts!

{My beautiful grandmother}

{Uncle Ken, grandma, and my dad}

{My dad and his dad}