New “it” shoe for spring – Flatforms


1. Lonely In Kelp, $300
2. Jeffrey Campbell CLARK, $130
3. Metallic-Leather T-Bar Flatform Sandals Calvin Klein Collection, $318
4. Jeffrey Campbell SUEBEE, $138
5. Jeffrey Campbell GENOA, $185
6. Jeffrey Campbell FATIMA WICKER, $100

To be totally honest, I’m not really on board with the flatform.

This may be a trendy look right now but I’m having trouble understanding what positive contribution these shoes make to your body. Wedges are all well and good – They give your feet more surface to balance on, while adding the same height as a heel would (if not more). And heels or stilletos or whatever add height and shape to your legs and booty. But flatforms? I’m yet to figure out what these shoes do other than remind me of a modern day Spice Girl.

Remember this?

I think designers kind of missed the mark when it comes to these shoes.

When you break it down, the underlying purpose that fashion serves is to flatter the body. Yes, I appreciate the “art” aspect of fashion. But for me, if it’s not flattering, what’s the point? So, I don’t think the flatform is a trend I’m going to be jumping on this season.

What are your thoughts? Do you think certain outfits call for the flatform? Let me know!