Spring fashion and TOMS


The official start of spring has gotten me more than a little excited about all the clothes that I’ll finally be able to break out of my closet (and those I get to add to it). Although it stays cold and wet a little longer here in Oregon than it does elsewhere, I’m still thinking about the sun!

Although we’re going to see a lot of bring colors this spring, I can’t get last season’s muted colors out of my head. I still plan to wear a lot of camel and grays… Hopefully I’ll be able to branch out and combine my colors with others such as bright orange, hot pink, green, and purple, which I predict are going to be HUGE this season!

The first item I’m determined to add to my wardrobe is a pair of red TOMS. I’ve never owned TOMS before, but I hear they feel like pillows surrounding your feet. Another great thing about TOMS is that for every pair you buy, the company donates a pair of new shoes to a child in need! I can’t wait to get my hands on (and my feet into) a pair of these…

Classic Red Canvas, $44 at TOMS.com

Another thing I love about these shoes is that they’re so versatile. When I was thinking about the outfits I want to wear this summer, I realized that these TOMS will look simply perfect with absolutely every one of them. I can’t wait!

Here is a taste of the sorts of outfits I’m yearning to wear right now…

1. Vince Tops in Light Grey, $390 at matchesfashion.com. Distressed Boyfriend Short, $78 at 25park.com.
2. Corl Cutaway Strap Crop Suntop, $50 at topshop.com. Acci Black & Ecru Shorts, $65 at coggles.com.
3. Women’s Knitwear, $26 at desireclothing.co.uk. Distressed Denim Hootpant, $32 at newlook.com.
4. Navy Stripe Scoop Vest, $16 at dorthyperkins.com. Vena Cava De Palma Short, $295 at barneys.com.
5. Love Potion no. 9 Oversize T-shirt, $95 at youheshe.com. Lestta skirt, $315 at shopmrsh.com.
6. Blue stripe tie front River Island crop t-shirt, $21 at riverisland.com. Hudson Slim-cut boot jeans, $176 at amrag.com.

What’s on your wish list for spring this year? I’d love to know!